• You’re dealing with several interesting issues here; one of which is interaction.  Particularly when learning is fully online, interaction with the course leader(s) and other participants can be very helpful.  Perhaps this especially helps the surface learners or the strategic learners?

    I recently read a series of blog posts about teaching and l…[Read more]

  • I agree that students are not always keen or even able to take a larger role in the learning process.  Generally, students in my institution (adult learners from many nationalities) are willing to make small changes towards more autonomy, but still believe that the teacher should step in frequently.

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  • I work at an English Language Centre in at a university Sydney, Australia.Our courses use a blended learning model, with class work extended through online activities. I’ve also investigated many other websites on academic skills and academic English, in order to recommend good self-learning tools for my students.I also recently completed my f…[Read more]

  • There is debate about awarding credit for attendance but given the style of this course we feel it’s important to find mechanisms for you to see who also is active within each week. Click on this badge link to ‘check-in’ and see who else is also active in this topic.
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    Nice to meet someone else from the same region and timezone! I work at Macquarie University English Language Centre in Sydney. Our main focus is preparing international students for study at an English speaking university.