What level of support will I get

ocTEL is largely run by volunteers mostly from within the Association for Learning Technology community. This doesn’t mean your own your own and as well as hopefully experiencing a shared conversation with your peers we have a number of tutors listed here providing support. The help page ocTEL tutor support: what you can expect provides more guidance on the type and timing of support.

I’m stuck, confused, unsure what to do next

Something’s not working

If the course does not appear to be working as you think it should – for example, if there’s a broken link, you can’t login, you’re not seeing what you expect to see or what you usually see – please contact describing

  • where you see the problem (ideally copy and paste the web address, where possible)
  • the nature of the problem
  • the time(s) and date(s) you’ve experienced the problem.

I have a complaint

We very much hope you will have no cause to complain about the support you receive during your participation in ocTEL. If you do, please email with details of exactly what has gone wrong, and some indication of how you would like us to solve the problem. You should normally get an acknowledgement of your complaint within one working day.