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Focus for topic?


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    Steven Verjans

    Via Twitter, Rose asked a pertinent question about having our co-curated topic on

    “Hi Steven I’m not sure how best to use our <s>#</s><b>octel</b> Scoopit. There’s so much aggregation going on elsewhere I’m not sure we need it.”

    Chris Jobling replied “every method of curation has immediate value for the curators and later their visitors. Think museum.”, to which Rose replied: “thanks Chris – though I think it would be good to agree some goals so we can use <s>@</s><b>scoopit</b> automated tools <s>#</s><b>ocTEL</b>

    My reply in this conversation was: “it’s an interesting question to reflect on. Should we have a joint focus for this topic or each have our own? <s>#</s><b>ocTEL</b>

    Usually, when I co-curate a topic, I know the other curators closely, either because we work in the same department, or have worked on a collaborative project, so the common focus is quite obvious. In the case of ocTEL, we are a very heterogeneous group of people, who happen to be using for curating their own topics with a specific focus.


    So, should we find a common focus for our topic, or do we let it grow organically?

    Please let me know what you think.

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    Rose Heaney

    Hello Steven

    I tried replying via twitter but 140 characters just isn’t enough.

    As Teresa says in the status channel, we probably need to add more search tags in the global parameters  (I am sure they were called something else before).  As the creator of the topic I think you will have to do this because I don’t have the option as co-curator. The results of the searches done by Scoopit are the main source for my other topics. I go through the daily list of suggestions and select those that are relevant.  I don’t do much manually though I do rescoop from topics I follow. At the moment our ocTEL is getting very few suggestions and they are becoming a bit circular as they refer to tweets and posts we are receiving via other channels. I think we need a distinct focus for this Scoopit that will add to rather than just repeat what is going on elsewhere. I would see resources that have some permanence being more valuable than a tweet for example.  However as Chris said earlier museum curators don’t worry about visitors until later.

    Could we start by adding some search parameters ( I am not sure there are any at the moment) and then curate the suggestions as they come through? How about ocTEL, mooc, open, open education, connectivism, cmooc, future of education …..

    Some of the suggestions I am getting on my topic ‘Being practical about Open Education’ can be rescooped possibly.



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    Steven Verjans

    Good point, Rose and Teresa.

    I’ll add other search words, and remove some rss feeds from the sources. Any suggestions for good sources? I often add rss feeds of relevant academic journals (preferably open access of course).

    I have now added sources from some of my other topics. Now there are rather more suggestions than this morning. If there’s too much, let me know and I’ll take some of them out.

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