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Week 2

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    Moira Sarsfield

    A place for us to discuss “Understanding learners and learning”.

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    ed3d (Peter)

    Ruminations on connectivism, biology and, yes, immersive learning in OpenSim 😉

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    ed3d (Peter)

    Activity 2.4a Learning Design: Thoughts on an evolutionary timeline in OpenSim

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    Moira Sarsfield

    Feedback on the activity LifeStory

    Things I like about this activity:

    • The students engage in depth with information from their textbook and a primary paper and then go on to create something new and useful with this information.
    • The activity encourages creativity and the online tools used allow students to learn from each other during the process.
    • The final product is a valuable and interesting resource for the students and others to explore.

    Things I am unsure about

    • Is there enough time for students to get the most out of the activity? They are being asked to do a lot – thinking about the scientific content and the means of display –  and if they are too rushed may focus on their own part, rather than also learning from their colleagues work, which is an important aspect of the design.
    • There are also a lot of deliverables. Clarity would be needed in how the work would be assessed – weightings, criteria for each component, etc.
    • Are the benefits to the students of working in the OpenSim environment greater than the difficulties involved in mastering the technology? (Some students may need to be persuaded on this point.) Will they use the technology again during the course, making the learning of use later?
    • I am intrigued to know how interesting and professional the final product might look. Would it be equivalent to a museum display of this material?

    Overall, I don’t know enough about the technology and the familiarity of the students with this way of working to suggest how this activity would work in practice, but I would be very interested to learn the outcome!

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