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Experiences and preferences

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    Moira Sarsfield

    This forum is a place for reflection on the questions:

    • What can we tell about the range of experiences and preferences among ocTEL participants?
    • What challenges does this present for the course?
    • In what ways is a MOOC like this one well or poorly suited to these challenges?
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    ed3d (Peter)

    I moved my comment here. It looks like everything new appears on the front page but responses there are actually not copied/aliased from here. The net effect will presumably be that the front page gets more unwieldy — hence my decision to move the comment here. Incidentally, I won’t be around much tomorrow — much stuff to do offline. As you say elsewhere, I think we’ve all done enough for this week.

    1. Apparently there are 900+ participants and ~400 listed in the members directory. Is there a way to find out how many are posting and how many of those are course facilitators? I suspect someone somewhere is working on AI to do sentiment analysis in MOOCs but I suspect people might fall into four groups: overwhelmed and liable to quit (platform complexity will be an issue for them), overwhelmed but grounded because they’ve found a base/shelter (maybe a group, maybe a mission, e.g. to get badges) to work from and have thereby reduced platform/course complexity because they’re subconsciously filtering, au fait with cMOOCs and active, lurking/inactive
    2. The challenges may come from amplification/confirmation bias. If someone says they’re overwhelmed and you’re feeling a little that way… On the other hand being deluged with help raises the volume in the global stream and I suspect there are also folk thinking “must pitch some good stuff in so people think there’s a reason to stay engaged”, upping the volume again and adding to the sense of being overwhelmed (it would be interesting to do a wordle and see where overwhelmed figures).
    3. I think maybe the MOOC needs separate streams to serve the interest of folk in each category rather than a one size serves all. The daily newsletter is a good device (and common in cMOOCs) as is the “Help I’m lost” forum. Getting interests or likely interests on registration and seeding some groups based on that might have been good too.

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    Moira Sarsfield

    I think that the participants can be characterised as:

    1. Experienced online learners with established networks/familiar online tools, who want to stick with these.
    2. Experienced online learners who want to expand their existing networks and/or tool use.
    3. Inexperienced online learners who want to establish networks and become familiar with online tools.

    Offering the flexibility for those in Group 1 to stick with their existing ways of operating, and the Group 2 people to explore with complete freedom, makes life very hard for those in Group 3 because there is a completely overwhelming range of options. I hope that somebody is offering help and guidance.

    All of this is before we even get to the content!


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