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Using a VLE with Dance/Drama course

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    I thought I would make a start with a question for this group forum:

    A question mainly for Gary I guess….

    I saw from another post, that you had been involved in possibly using a VLE to support courses in Dance or Drama… and if so… would love to pick your brains. How did it go?

    I am working at the moment as an ‘advocate’ at Plymouth University for rolling out Moodle as the VLE within a larger Digital Learning Environment project.

    One of the schools for which I have direct responsibility is ‘Theatre, Dance & Performing Arts’. At the moment, I have only made initial contact with them, but worry that teaching dance and drama might not be easily supported or improved by a VLE anyway…

    I would love to know if you have any thoughts, advice or examples of best practice in how a VLE can be used to support their teaching needs?

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    Gary Vear

    There is often a misconception that VLE’s are not beneficial to practical courses and are more suited to traditional subjects like Maths and Science etc.

    To me, it all boils down to the core content of the course and what the learners need enhancing. To an extent it also depends on how much staff are willing to engage (but that’s a different conversation.)

    On a basic level a VLE is a great resource pot for lecturer to upload supporting notes:

    – Presentation Slides
    – supporting documents for Written work
    – Videos of rehearsals/dance sequence for learners to refer back to.

    It is also useful to cascade key texts/journals electronically to all participants. (at least as a lecturer you have done everything in your power to encourage them to read it)

    In a more advanced setting, VLE’s can host interactive webinars…from a performing arts point of view, this may be more beneficial than the traditional lecture as you can have your learners actively researching a topic and you can incorporate more tasks etc. rather than discussion which can be difficult to note.

    Quickly, on the subject of notation, I have recently discovered sketchnotes and think this is a great resource for those learners who are visual and struggle with taking detailed notes in lectures. VLE’s can be used to encourage people to upload images of their sketchnotes as an informal formative assessment. The images can spark discussion and it can aid the teacher in understanding how that learner dissects information.

    My biggest issue regarding VLE’s was learner engagement. In an ideal world I wanted the forums on my moodle to be buzzing with contributions and ideas, however I could often faced a battle with various groups on Facebook for each project. (the students argument was that it was easier to navigate etc.). I think incorporating badges can aid the participation in a VLE (especially in FE) as it gives bisual learners a visual commendation.

    I appreciate I am being slightly general in these points, buit I didnt want to get too detailed incase it wasn’t what you were looking for. If it helps I can explain how I set out my courses moodle page and the content we had on it??

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