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    ed3d (Peter)

    I didn’t actually try it as I found the onboarding process unhelpful. Anyway, thoughts and a comparison with TiddlyWiki: http://longposts.com/30889584

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    Gary Vear

    How easy was it to understand how this tool worked?
    The demo that utilised the Xerte toolkit was extremly useful and outlined all the possibilities available to the author

    How quickly and easily would you find it to use?
    As I am relatively eperienced with sing technology in learning, I think it would not take me long to figure out the various functions and capabilities. It also had the click and try feel to it which technology novices would find encouraging.

    How could you apply this tool in your own teaching?

    My organisation is transferring a lot of face to face training programmes to e-Learning packages and has scoped various authoring tols. The one they have plumped for is not fantastic and limits the author greatly (as far as I can tell). Xerte may allow me more options to explore as well as having a better finished look.

    What does this tool offer that has advantages over your current practice?
    By utilising e-Learning as a training tool I will be able to engage more learners across a wider geographical region. It will also free up time for staff to engage in training requiring a face to face delivery.

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