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    Mark Kerrigan’s input to the webinar made an impressive case for the impact of iPads as student devices. But, in the last week, I’ve come across two opposing arguments:

    1. Simon Thomson’s excellent presentation at the recent Edge Hill Solstice Conference argued that ‘staff and students should have one and the same device’ and reported success in their own initiative using Google Nexus.

    2. Derrick Wlodarz comments on American reports that tablets are not making significant inroads into American HE and argues that: “Until more tablet makers realize their shortcomings, and move in the direction of the Surface with keyboard/mouse input, tablets will be taking a backseat to laptops for the indefinite future.”

    In my own practice, I would hate to have to choose between laptop and tablet and am fortunate to be able to afford both. But what do we now expect of our students? Contributions in the webinar webchat suggested that many UK students have embraced tablets with different ratios of Apple/Android at different institutions. Have we (or are we) creating another class divide in HE?

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