What pedagogy are you using when promoting ILT use in TLA

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    Paul Styles

    Hi all


    First post, with the webinar today I started reflecting on do ‘I use pedagogy over TEL tools’?  Just wondering other peoples thoughts on their own practices and what models you follow when promoting the use of TEL?



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    I’m studying the post graduate certificate in academic practice and as I am learning more about educational approaches it has made me realise that I was more about the technology than the pedagogy which I attribute to inexperience. I knew that I had a gap in my practice and so was keen to develop. Where possible I have moved away from instructional approaches to collaborative, peer working approaches where I facilitate the learning. I’m more comfortable now with things not going to plan and improvising as I find it really depends on the group of learners that you have so I wouldn’t commit to using a specific approach but using bits from a variety!





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    Hello in my experience as a Learning Technologist, we are quite often more interested in the “technology” as to us its something cool or new to learn and teach others how to use, but any technology must enhance the learning experience  and must work simply like an ipad being very intuitive. We as technologists often forget that it is pedagogy over technology in importance not the other way around.

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    I believe that the pedagogical theories that inform TEL are quite numerous – but we just aren’t fully aware of it for various reasons.

    If we consider education as a field and its experts, then here are a few names that I would suggest all learning technologists know when considering potential pedagogical theories to inform the creation of activities in an LMS or VLE.

    • John Dewey – a philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer who argues that education an learning are interactive processes where learners learn best by taking part in their own learning
    • Lev Vygotsky – an educational psychologist who discusses how learning takes place in a zone of proximal development and the importance of more knowledgable learners assisting less knowledgeable learners among other things and thus can learn best through social interaction
    • Paulo Freire – an educator and philosopher who discusses the importance of learners having and developing a critical consciousness and a voice with which to express themselves

    I would also suggest reading up on the theories of social constructionism and social constructivism as these ideas both relate to education and pedagogy, and thus, can inform those involved in TEL.

    Here are some taster links below:





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    Alicia Vallero

    After this week’s reading I am starting to reflect on the concept of Heutagogy (http://heutagogycop.wordpress.com/history-of-heutagogy/).
    It’s early days for me, but I have the feeling that I none of the methods we are using at the moment is the answer, at least not in their present form.
    We have:
    “learners TAKING PART in their own learning”
    “peer learning”
    “community learning”
    “learners with a critical consciousness”
    I think all of these methods are missing an important piece: “learner’s self determination”. Unless the learner “wants” to know, there is no method and no planning from the instructor’s part that will achieve the learning goals.
    Do our students want to know? Or they just want to pass the course?

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