What criteria do we need?

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    What are the most important criteria we should use when we evaluate TEL initiatives?

    My interpretation of the webinar case studies suggest the following ‘top 5’ criteria:

    1. Improved student learning. (e.g. James McDowell pointed out several significant improvements in student performance).
    2. Improved student engagement in the subject area (e.g. James McDowell demonstrated dramatic improvement in student retention).
    3. Improved student engagement in more general areas (e.g. Mark Kerrigan found that students had ‘extended’ their use of iPads).
    4. Transferability (e.g. Keith Smyth highlighted how the 3Es have been adopted/further developed by other institutions).
    5. Sustainability. I would use this more general heading rather than ‘cost-effectiveness’ as there are several issues which will influence whether an initiative keeps going, including whether the dept/institution can afford it and whether the staff are prepared to stick with it (or whether the staff will stick with the institution). Time will tell on all of our case studies.

    Do these cover the most important issues or would anyone like to suggest an alternative?


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