Thinking Critically

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    Tim Leonard

    Hi all, it’s my first post on the forum. There’s been so much to explore in these first few weeks, though I think I’m getting clearer idea of how best to participate and the forum is an important part of that.

    I’ve posted my thoughts on the Entwistle model on my blog. I wrote it before reading too many other people’s efforts for the activity as I wanted to focus on my initial thoughts on the model and then let other people’s understandings inform my own ideas later on. It looks like there’s some excellent discussion going on in the “Deep learning is not the ideal” thread and I’m looking forward to getting my head round it.

    Cheers for reading.

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    Moira Sarsfield

    Hi Tim, I enjoyed your blog post and agreed with lots of your points, especially “a learning activity without an element of assessment would mean that students who participate effectively are embodying the Deep Approach by default.” That’s what I think we are doing in ocTEL.

    I haven’t really got to grips with ‘strategic’, but I think that perhaps we are being strategic in choosing the activities that are of interest and relevance to us and then, hopefully, engaging with them deeply. I like that the badges justify this behaviour by allowing/encouraging us to “only do one thing…”.

    I don’t think that it matters how many things we explore; it’s deep engagement that’s important – making connections with our prior learning and day-to-day experience.

    @markcj – I don’t agree that we should design to accommodate  a “surface approach”, because it’s a student choice.  Deep learning is a necessity for ‘graduate level’ thinking – critical analysis, problem solving, forming connections between different concepts – so we should be designing it into our courses and helping students to develop these skills.

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    Moira Sarsfield

    This post discusses deep and strategic learning  and suggests that a strategic approach may offer quicker results and higher grades, but that deep learning is best in the long term.

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