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    This is so timely. We recenlty launched our VLE and I will be responsible for developing the ‘road map’ for using Learning Technology in our face to face, blended and online learning environments over the next 3-5 years. I have started work on an outline draft for the strategy but doubt I could keep to a minimum of 2 pages!

    Where did others start with the strategy? Are there templates in existence or examples of best practice? The theories and approaches discussed in the webinar are useful and there is a wealth of stuff out there to draw on but ‘where to start#?!

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    One simple approach in beginning to think about what you would like to achieve might be to begin with an ‘entitlement model’. i.e. considering how technology can contribute to the learner experience. This can be adapted to other stakeholders (and sub-groups within), e.g. teachers/tutors; leaders/managers; employers….

    This fits in with collecting and demonstrating evidence of impact since you can ask staff what they have done, why and what did it achieve, then validate the outcome by obtaining a narrative from learners (and the other stakeholders as appropriate).

    The other key element (well I’m sure that are many others!) is to consider what your organisation wants to achieve in 3 -5 years. First, I’d advise 3 years maximum, especially critical when you consider how fast technology is moving. You only have to watch BBC Click to appreciate this in simple way. It would be very difficult to go any further, and an annual review is a must.

    The other key element? For me this relates to the drivers for senior leaders:

    1. Quality (i.e. Ofsted judgement)
    2. Finance (effective use of resources/opportunity for growth)
    3. Reputation (technology surely has a role in attracting learners, employers and potentially as time moves on, staff).

    Hope this helps?





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      Headings could be:
      Why do we need a TEL strategy?
      Vision for the next 3 years
      Aims and objectives
      Areas for development
      Professional development
      Road map

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    THanks Tim, this is helpful.

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    Simon Fokt

    I was just looking for something like this as well, thanks!

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