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    Paul Rettey

    In a way, this morning I’m feeling pretty sanguine about stuff, and for the first time in a while I actually feel like I’m getting to grips with my profession as a Learning Technologist.

    I’ve had my perceptions challenged and I’ve been smart enough to listen and keep an open mind. Originally I came in with the preconception that MOOC’s had not fully matured and they had a way to go. I’m glad that I’ve participated and the concept of MOOC’s does ‘fit in’ to my world view of e-learning, I know that can sound a bit odd, but for me the method of learning has to ‘fit’ into other knowledge I have for it to be applied. as a concept into the real world.

    This is the trouble I was having with MOOC’s, they are very very radical and such a jump from the traditional concepts of learning to what is truly a ‘classroom without walls’. It comes back to an old mantra, a good leader is someone who does not have to ‘say’ they are a leader, but simply enables and guides others, it is the teacher.

    It’s also the absence of a centralisation of power, it’s autonomy with the technology enabling us to all share and have our own thoughts, ideas without conforming to a set of rules per se. But we come back and check ideas and theories with our peer group, much as we  would in a traditional environment.

    On this course so far, I’ve been communicating and sharing thoughts with people I would never have dreamed of meeting. What’s more I think, in some small way, I’ve contributed (which is great) and I’ve learned, which is even better. I continue to learn and gain exposure to more information and new ways of thinking. But what I find really stimulating is the collaboration, a lot of fantastic minds are ‘here’, harnessing that network of knowledge is something that simply would not have been able to happen many years ago.

    Not to wax lyrical, but I get it now. I can ‘feel’ the intrinsic motivation of wanting to learn more, so yes OcTEL has so far been successful for me.

    Just thought I’d share this with the 400+ odd people here 😉

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    Martin Hawksey

    This is when a ‘like’ button would be useful 😉

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    Paul Rettey

    Thanks Martin,

    The other thing thats running through my head, is that I never progressed to a degree (I earned my HND and then ran out of cash), however I’m researching places to go to take a part time degree, its really something that I have been thinking about a lot lately.

    The Multi Media Systems degree looks like the kind of thing, it’s at my old stomping ground of the University of Hertfordshire (as it’s reasonably near) but I’d be interested to hear from others regards their experience.  I’m primarily looking to do something that involves the application of technology, not to say I don’t enjoy the theoretical stuff, it’s just not where I do my best work. For me it’s always been about the application.

    All the best


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    I think for me that ocTEL course has been very interesting and engaging so far. (Yes, another ‘like’ button would be good)

    I freely admit I have been ‘badge hunting’ as that appeals to my inner gamer (It’s not that ‘inner’… it is very much ‘everyday gamer’ in reality). Th badges have kept me coming back for more and I want to gain the full set and multiple badges were they can be awarded. This is hugely motivating to me and I have explored areas that I wouldn’t normally have much interest in just so that I can get the badge.

    What I intend to do after week 6 is go back and complete the activities that are not badged, so I am really looking to get a much more immersive experience through an asynchronous process of learning. This way I can revisit some of my initial topics and my ideas and reflect on my reflections hopefully to provide a deeper level of understanding.

    I wonder how others are using this course and if they are also going to revisit some of the other topics?

    I know there was a lot of drop off as all of my colleagues had started the course together, but by week 3 they had pretty much all packed it in. I am thinking that I will advocate returning to the course in their spare moments as I am continuing my learning journey and will bring many of my reflections back in to the office.

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