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    Julie Voce

    Read the following article:

    Almpanis, T (2013)  Academic staff development in the area of technology enhanced learning in the UK HEIs. Dialogue, January 2013 (3), pp. 16-31

    Reflect on the types of training available to staff in your institutions. What are the main barriers to take-up of TEL in your institution? What forms of staff development activities have you found to be most effective in ensuring that TEL becomes properly embedded in the culture of your organisation?

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    Where I work we have no real experts in TEL. While people are engaged in professional development, it tends to be based around teaching and learning, individual interests or key subject needs. TEL is not currently a priority (although I think that may change soon). So it is had to instigate professional development around TEL.

    But individuals have experience and/or expertise in a variety of tools, techniques and ICT skills. So I have suggested that we encourage people to put together little mini CPD sessions (10-15 minutes) which could be slotted into bigger staff meetings, or film themselves doing something so that people can watch it at their leisure. I have also set up an Edmodo staff group where people can post things they have made or links they have found to relevant OER etc.

    So far, the only person who has really acted on any of these suggestions is me! But I think I can start encouraging others to get involved.

    So it is not a strategy or a plan for organisation-wide learning and development. I realise that it is not a substitute for those. But in the absence of those, it is a bottom-up approach to developing a proactive, collaborative community of practice around TEL. Nevertheless it requires leadership which I am willing to provide, and some space which I have set up. I am keen to push forward with it, as I believe we have so much to learn from each other already.

    Any suggestions for getting this off the ground and maintaining it?

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