Open(Sim) and MOOCs

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    ed3d (Peter)

    My thoughts on OpenSim and MOOCs for Activity 3.3.

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    Rose Heaney

    Hi Peter

    You are obviously very well thought out in this area – I have a bit of experience with Second Life & OpenSim (via Kitely) but am not at your level. My main comment about the idea of opensim as a platform for moocs is that it’s an unlikely candidate unless the mooc itself is on the subject of virtual worlds, immersive environments etc. The avatar number constraints are certainly an issue but so is the cognitive load for those who are not familiar with such environments. Until these environments are more common place for everyday virtual activities I really don’t think they’d serve as a sound platform for a mooc. The comparison with Collaborate is possibly less valid than a comparison with this WP platform as the majority of activities on a mooc are asynchronous.

    OpenSim is not going to go away but I can’t see that it offers a comprehensive, robust and familiar enough platform for a general purpose mooc such as this – and possibly never will.

    Oh – and I  haven’t even got to accessibility yet 🙂

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    ed3d (Peter)

    I agree to some extent about the misguided comparison — it occurred to me later. I guess my main point was that open source advocacy on a closed source platform, viz Collaborate, was a little “odd”.

    I don’t think we have the data to make judgements about viability of OpenSim as a platform for a MOOC. As far as cognitive load is concerned, my experience with students is that they’re operational in about 30 min, less if you stop them fiddling with appearance — Leicester say much the same. Obviously it depends on what you want them to do and you streamline the environment to simplify/focus the experience. Of course, the platform doesn’t suit everyone or everything but you work with the affordances at hand.

    As far as this MOOC is concerned, we have 6 online on the main site as I type and there were ~60 for the webinar today. Not really scary numbers.

    As far as accessibility is concerned — it actually simplifies design decisions in a rather helpful way. The Radegast viewer helps too as I’m sure you know.

    More generally I think there’s a danger that one buys into the text-based, mega-MOOC groupthink unquestioningly. That’s all I was trying to say really.

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