Openness and Museum Collections

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    Dear all,

    Here’s the link to my blog for Week 3 of OCTEL 2014 which explores what openness means to me and which museums/art galleries have open access to their collections:

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    Colin – thanks for your blog a good starting point of what is open access in the museums and archives world.

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    ed3d (Peter)

    Very interesting, Colin. Museums have been quite active in the sphere of virtual worlds, usually from the perspective of creating a version of their own collection for others to visit remotely (which is great, of course). However, I note that the Smithsonian has gone one step further by scanning some of its collection and making the scans available according to “fair use”. Given that they have just 1% of their collection on public display, this seems good sense to me.

    The Usher Gallery in Lincoln also has some very nice 3D scans at and some are incorporated into this virtual museum (some patience required to load).  I’ve no idea about the IP of the other content in the museum.

    Background info at



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