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    As a learning technologist in a medical school and associated university department, albeit in different teams, Lecture capture is both an established and a new technology for my academic colleagues. It is readily welcomed by the students and is soon accepted as a routine norm which is only commented on when the there are problems with the technology. The teaching staff as a group is slower to accept it but generally are coming round to this new way of delivering lectures.  But how is it used, why and in what ways will its adoption be developed to enhance or perhaps even transform the students’ teaching and learning experience? And of course how does it meaningfully differ from the traditional model of lecture delivery and consumption? These are important questions but in this post I want to examine how traditional lectures can be repurposed around one application of the ‘flipped classroom’ model using the personal capture option of echo lecture capture technology.


    The traditional lecture, which of course continues in both my institutions, (more about this later), sits on the learner’s matrix in the directed social quadrant.  It involves one lecturer delivering, usually a PowerPoint presentation with additional spoken content. Of course there maybe deviations from this pattern with breakout sessions, additional physical or online resources accessed during the session, but on the whole it is delivered with instructions for the student to follow up references and perhaps activities.


    If we look at the medical school’s current use we see that there is an additional complication which requires delivering an equitable educational experience to students based on two geographically separate campuses. This is achieved by the lectures being delivered over a video linked network enabling simultaneous viewing and hearing of the lecture including the PowerPoint presentation either as a live video linked event or as a live event in the host venue/location. This dual delivery of lectures across a video linked networked is still very much in the social directed quadrant of the matrix. However there are additional considerations of extra overheads and risk associated with the technology, operator use and of course expense. Ok, I realise I’ve digressed somewhat but was thinking the added dimension of dual campus lecture delivery merits consideration.


    So if the activity of delivering a lecture was carried out differently how would that affect the learning outcomes. Well if we consider the ‘flipped classroom’ idea in this context how would things change? Instead of the lecture being delivered traditionally the lecturer would create a narrated presentation of their content using the echo personal capture technology. This would be made available ahead of a session where the tutor (previously the lecturer) would meet the students face to face, again video linked live as before.


    The echo presentation is available on line through blackboard (VLE) from which the student is directed to, as an individual (top right quadrant) by a blackboard triggered announcement. The learner can access any contextual material the tutor has posted alongside the recording including an activity. The activity could be additional individual directed tasks such as reading additional materials. Or it could be a collaborative activity the tutor initiates by inviting the student group to share ideas and questions around the material with each other and the tutor. These dimensions would be of a directed social and autonomous nature.  Or the matrix could be further travelled around if the student then moved from their group collaborative activities to creating new learning opportunities by using a personal journal.


    In addition to the echo personal capture the other technologies used maybe discussion boards, blogs, wikis and personal journals, all of which are available in blackboard and so no additional overheads would be required for such a ‘flipped’ approach to be explored. However the tutor would need to be available to firstly create the narrated presentation, to design and deliver the activities online and to then asynchronously facilitate the collaborative exercises as well as suggest that students reflect on the emerging  ideas using their personal learning journals.


    Of course I have used very general non specific examples to illustrate movement around the learning grid but hope that it has value as an introduction to how this approach could be applied.

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