How would you define "strategy"?

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    Julie Tardy

    Good evening everybody,

    I’ve been wondering whether I should choose activity 1.1 or 1.2 (i understand that we can do both but a choice can be made), and i decided upon the 1.2 because it appeared more challenging.

    Challenging in the sense that the term “strategy” is very broad for me: it can involve the institutional, methodological,  material etc. aspects which i’d be more than happy to work on. But before that, can anybody tell me if that’s the way to go or it’s a definitive no-no?

    I’m fully aware that precisions will be given tomorrow, it’s my impatience kicking in.

    Thanks for any piece of information/advice provided.


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    I love it that the start to every academic subject must start with questions of definition 🙂

    I’ve got a feeling that the strategies being referred to here are institutional or sector wide, in terms of having a plan which will make a difference either within your own institution, or (and I guess the 2 are related) within the wider sector and therefore progress the world and add to the ‘gestalt’ (now we are getting philosophical and a bit off course)…


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      Julie Tardy


      Thank you for your feedback, and as you noticed, i love definitions!

      It seems institutional strategy is the favorite “contender” so i will begin to reflect from that and see whether the content of the webinar confirms that.

      In my case, even with that one aspect, i have so much to think about, but i won’t spoil now.

      Have a great day,



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    I think a strategy refers to an overall plan of action. Oxford dictionary defines strategy as, “<span class=”definition”>A plan of action or policy designed to achieve a long term or overall aim”.</span>

    I think  the concept strategy can operate on a variety of levels in education. Teachers may have instructional strategies or plans of action to deliver a curriculum,  there may be institutional strategies for student accountability and/or national strategies for student assessment.

    So the concept “strategy” can be applied in a variety of situations and ways. I would tend to think of it as organizing a global plan for accomplishing specific goals.

    I hope this is helpful.



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      Julie Tardy

      Morning Kathy,

      Thank you very much for your view on this matter. Let’s see what the webinar will say about this, hoping they will talk about it at least.



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      Hi Kathy, Julie and Phil,

      Kathy took the words out of my mouth (or off my keyboard) – Julie and Phil seem to be talking about the level that the strategy is applied at rather than the strategy itself. In the webinar Kyriaki pointed out that she and James had been talking about different application levels for their strategies, but the strategies were in effect the same – keep the pedagogy upper most in mind and in practice and only then find the technology to suit the purpose.

      I took heart when I heard these speakers because I agree with them but I find that often I am seen as being a bit weird because I won’t put the technology first!


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    ed3d (Peter)

    I took the 1.2 approach as an opportunity to declare a set of principles and their consequences with regard to one particular technology. For example, support for accessibility as a principle may have significant consequences as to how you develop a particular solution and I suspect it’s much better to have that in mind at the outset.

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    ed3d (Peter)

    doh! That should be Nick Shackleton-Jones.

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    In my opinion “strategy” is the plan or road-map that is used almost like a business plan to implement the procedure of investing in new technologies, be that through time, staff resource or finance.

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    I agree with strategy being a ‘global plan….’ approach.

    I’d be interested to read your views on integrated strategy as opposed to standalone. Once a technology strategy is well established – at what point, if any, does anyone think that the technology strategy can be integrated into other quality improvement business processes – for example, in FE, into self assessment review, quality improvement planning and/o, teaching, learning and assessment strategy?



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    ed3d (Peter)

    Incidentally, I wonder whether there isn’t a danger that we talk past each other when it comes to the (apparent) pedagogy vs tech dichotomy (in practice it’s a tradeoff in the end whatever the starting point).

    It reminded me of this blog by Nick Shackleton who reckons the world divides into extroverts (who care about the social context; might that be pedagogy?) versus introverts (who care about stuff; presumably technology). . Of course, it’s too simplistic to say the whole debate is based on that but it might be a factor that is easily overlooked.

    Any ambiverts want to comment? 🙂

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    In my own job role, ‘the’ strategy acts as a ‘Bible’ to ensure I’m meeting targets in a timely manner.  More widely, the document helps to ensure that people from a wide range of job roles are all aiming for the same end result.  So I certainly go along with Kathy’s notion that it is a: global plan for accomplishing specific goals.  To a large extent, the way in which we interpret it is inevitably bound up with the particular part it plays for us, I think.  As someone who writes the LT Strategy, one of my difficulties is ensuring that I don’t write it as ‘The World According to Fern’ (yes, it does take the views and contributions of staff across college into account) which could well result in an assumption on my part that others will be reading it from the same mind-set that I applied when writing it.  For this reason, a shared and overarching ethos is essential.

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