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    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Hi all,</span>

    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”> great to see so much lively discussion already!</span>

    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Please reflect on your work experience and ambitions for developing your teaching.</span>

    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Can you identify the most important question about TEL that matters to you?</span>

    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Hm. I’m finding it very hard to pin down to one, there are so many after all.</span>

    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”>I think how to generate an environment where collaborative, open, effective and fundamentally creative thinking can develop open, universally accessible learning/ teaching experiences which can be hosted, developed, critically evaluated and shared freely globally.</span>

    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”>So we can all teach each other, learn from each other, challenge each other, individually or collaboratively, at our own pace in our own preferred manner. </span>

    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Obviously this is an ideal aim, but I do like to set a challenge!</span>

    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”>I have been a student in HE 2005-09 and experienced a confused and patchy use of technology in education. Blackboard very underused etc</span>

    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”>A teacher in FE biosciences 2011-2013 by this point use was a little better. Moodle / Mahara also not used as well as could be, take up by both staff and students patchy</span>

    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”>An E-learning advisor Faculty Health and Life Sciences in HE 2013-2014 and am about to start working on FutureLearn MOOCs in HE in the next month. Blackboard / Adobe Presenter / iSpring, better use of Blackboard more widely, blended courses starting more widely, but still very uneven uptake across staff and students. However more institutional minimum standards, course elements design templates to improve navigation for all etc. Beginnings of more holistic design thinking on high.</span>

    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”> </span>

    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”><span style=”color: #008080;”><span style=”color: #008080;”>@neobadwolfone</span></span> – hehe I narrowly avoided a similar Dr Who handle myself from mischievous daughter fan.</span>

    <span style=”color: #008080;”>I wonder when we talk about engaging all academic staff in TEL is it fair sometimes to take it for granted that young and / or newly qualified teachers will often think of TEL as more of an expectation than teachers who started teaching pre-Internet & who can have reservations about it.</span>
    <span style=”color: #008080;”>  This is of course not to generalise – I have worked with some expert practitioners who started teaching ages before the Internet & committed to training to remain up-to-date, but I was thinking more about where the challenges lie in not just engaging, but supporting those who may feel uncomfortable or nervous about TEL – those who ‘don’t know what they don’t know’.’</span>

    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”>I only completed my teacher training PCET PGCE in 2011 and one of the five modules was TEL, all of us had to develop some use and application of TEL for our placement course delivery and reflect and report on the implementation and outcomes, having surveyed our students and mentors. I blended mine in with my final professional practice research into developing ‘Scientific Literacy within core course content and practices’. </span>

    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Across the PGCE course students, there was an enormously diverse range of content types, approaches and foci. There was also an enormous range of ability and facility with the use of the technology, the relation to pedagogical practice and standards of implementation. So even amongst young/ newly qualified teachers there were many who found the concept of using , applying technology for teaching and learning quite alien, despite having, mostly, just come straight through an education system with increased use of such.</span>

    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”>I don’t know if other recent graduate teachers have experienced a similarly disparate range of interest, ability and use of TEL approaches to teaching in their colleagues.</span>

    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”>Cheers Ghizzi</span>

    <span style=”color: #3366ff;”>P.S. apologies to all for coloured text, but I have Irlen syndrome and find B & W extremely uncomfortable to read.</span>

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