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    guy saward

    I am interested to know whether we can get a dump of all our contributions to the ocTEL platform at the end of the course.

    This is in part a follow-up to Siemens notion of the legacy of a course (which in his case is the links between participants) but also just a result of thinking about where I write stuff.

    I guess I could always blog/tweet externally and then link in (as others, e.g. iLearnUK, are) but then again I’m quite old school and like the depth of conversation that the forums give here.

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    Martin Hawksey

    This is something on my mind too and hopefully something we can address before the end of the course. For now as the platform is based on WordPress practically every url can be appended with /feed/ to get RSS data. So for example all the measured activity from my course account comes out at

    One issue is often this is limited by our reading setting of 10 posts so in places we have a custom big feed, the main one being the forums (something we do with this feed is create a very basic activity overview

    Happy to hear suggestions for what format people would like their data out in

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    guy saward

    Interesting to check out the RSS feed.  My gut reaction is to say I would like all the text, but this is clearly not sensible.  Would be interested to see how a range of tools would present the feed, e.g. flip book, scoop it etc.  However, linking/curation tools would only be useful if platform and posts were going to stick around for a while/for ever.

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