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    Charlotte Steer
    • I am about to teach online for the first time. I want to know what the possibilities and pitfalls are.  I have just completed a MOOC on online course design, and on online teaching, and I am learning different things from each of them about the roles of participants, and the effectiveness of different learning activities and formats. I want to fill my toolbox and learn the relevant skills by practising them under the guidance of more and less experienced workers.

    The tip I picked up today from the Week 0 webinar is the idea of making a Learning Participation Plan.  I think my plan is to play it by ear – as they say in the Disclaimer to #ocTEL2014 –

    “Large scale online discussions are an example of ‘complex adaptive systems’, which means no one can predict how they are going to turn out. It’s unlikely that things will turn out quite how we planned them”.

    OcTELly yours,


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