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    Is anyone a CMALT member what are the benefits?

    How Dow I have my skills assessed?

    Does participation here help my portfolio?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Glenn

    I’m a CMALT member – you can find all the info about CMALT on the ALT website, but I’m assuming your question was more aimed at ‘personal’ experience with CMALT?

    My case: I went through the CMALT process at a very early stage when the benefits of it weren’t quite so clear yet, and I’m a CMALT assessor for several years now. From my personal perspective the main benefits are:

    I’m part of the ‘bigger community’ of learning technologists, and via the scheme I do learn a lot about the developments in our profession, which covers a very wide area.

    When looking around for job opportunities CMALT has now ‘matured’ enough to give you a bit of an edge when applying! I’m currently not looking for myself, but I always look at job adverts to see how the profession of ‘Learning Technologists’ develops.

    This is just my very personal take on it – I’m sure you will receive more answers to your question 🙂




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    Tom Franklin

    Great questions Glenn.
    Like Irmgard I have been a CMALT for a long time and am an assessor. You have your skills assessed by completing a portfolio, and there is lots of support including good (and a made up bad) example, webinars, documents and the possibility of some mentoring (not tormenting as the auto-correct would have it).

    I think that there are very real benefits in going through the process as that makes you think about and reflect on your practice. I know from talking to many CMALT holders that they see that as a real benefit. As to other benefits there are an increasing number of learning technology jobs that say CMALT desirable, and a few which mandate it. It does provide recognition in the community, and it is widely recognised (at least in UK HE). What other benefits would you like to see?

    Yes, participation can help your portfolio, both because you can use your participation as evidence and because it will help you to learn more about learning technology and to reflect on it.

    Hope that helps.

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