Autograding with Excel

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    Moira Sarsfield

    This post describes an alternative method of e-assessment that we use for quite a specific purpose – assessing practical write-ups where students all follow the same experimental protocol but each record and analyse their own results.

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    Rose Heaney

    Hi Moira

    This looks  like a useful alternative form of e-assessment with benefits all round for staff & students – quite a lot of work has gone into it I imagine.  (Ever thought of packaging it up for external consumption as OER or whatever?)

    Automatically marked quizzes of MCQs (and other formats) are another form of fast and efficient feedback – but as with your example need to be complemented with other forms of assessment.

    In another thread here Tom Franklin is challenging the notion of saving staff time as a driver for e-assessment – but when student numbers are high as in your example (and elsewhere)  staff have to find ways of managing their workload and still giving students meaningful & prompt feedback.



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    Moira Sarsfield

    I think we have to decide what is best in each situation. An alternative with large classes is to use multiple markers, which may give more personal feedback, but can be inconsistent, so moderation is needed, which can lead to extra work and delays.

    It’s not so much a case of staff time being “saved” by using e-assessment, but that the time is deployed differently, for example, giving more feedback on other work or introducing more flexibility in another part of the course.



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