Activity 1.2: Strategy

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    I have experienced working in the T&L department for 7 years. I’ve had over 17 years experience from coaching kids in a swimming pool and on the cricket field to implementing (or attempting to ) a blended approach

    Did you contribute to the strategy, if so, in what capacity?

    Very little. We as a company already used an online system to replace the huge amounts of content new starters need to learn within a short period of time. We use a lot of self-paced online modules and I consider this a very small portion of the eLearning umbrella. The only input I had was to suggest an rapid eLearning authoring tool.

    Is the main focus of the strategy on Learning Technology, or if not, what is its main focus? No, we don’t have a learning technology strategy. In my opinion it should be about creating alternatives to what we do in the classroom and stepping away from this entrenched view that everything has to happen in a classroom, in that sense we need a strategy about creating “learning spaces”.

    How often is it reviewed and is it flexible enough to adapt as things change?

    I try to review what we have on the system to make sure topics are still relevant and up to date but i’m one person overseeing 1300 people in my domains plus support our marketing organisations around the world, the means there are other things that take priority.

    Does the strategy impact on your practice and if so, how? If not, why?

    I like to think it does but with anything people have their opinion. Feedback I get means tells me that people like the fact they can access the material online in their own time. However, there are just as many critics that will say self-paced learning is content and a test and it’s not effective learning. In the grand scheme of a blended learning approach a beg to differ.

    Finally, if you were to provide input to a new version, what, if any, changes would you make to it?

    Concentration on providing a business link to our overall training interventions. A re-design of what we do in the classroom so that it becomes a place of refining and practicing the skills needed for the business goal. To use eLearning a lot more than we do to reduce the time taken on topics which can be assimilated by other means.

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    Hello Stuart, good points that you have raised about using technology as alternative to the classroom. I think that in many cases the approach that “Education” institutions take by using learning technologies,  is changing as the money coming in is no longer as free flowing due to higher undergraduate fees. Hopefully this will lead to further innovation.

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    In my role as an academic, I  am not involved in  developing formal strategies at the University level.  I have been using different technology in my teaching for several years and am very pleased to see that my Uni is now pushing for academics to embrace change and move towards using technology.  For many years, I have been perceived as a bit of a “maverick” for wanting to use technology to enhance learning.  My strategy now is to be an academic advocate /enthusiast that can talk with academics to ease their concerns and assist with implementing new approaches.

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