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    Martin Hawksey

    Explore the resources on Technology Enhanced Learning (above – there are some substantial documents here and you will only have time to skim them)

    Identify examples of TEL that you find interesting and why.

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    Maha Bali

    Hey Martin, not seeing the “resources” “above” – could it look diff on iPad? Located elsewhere?

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    Identify examples of TEL that you find interesting and why.

    This MOOC is interesting and it is the 1st I have ever done. No idea what to expect when I started (well O week anyway) but it has got my interest and I hope to learn about TEL. I gather from the group conversations and forum posts that twitter and blogs are used for TEL, but I do not really understand how they work for enhancing learning. I presume as part of an online course somehow.

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    Gary Vear

    I’ll get the ball rolling with various resources I have used in the past:


    • PREZI – I think this is a fantastic presentation tool and everyone should use it. Now that prezi’s are portable and can be taken anywhere and presented offline, I see no major pitfalls to utilising this visually entertaining software
    • ROCKET SLIDE – I used this whilst I was teaching for a brief period but was unable to really get into it and now I believe it has been bought out and no longer available
    • POWTOON – I have only recently discovered this animation/presentation tool, but I am very impressed with its capabilities. If you have short presentations (less than 10 slides) I would recommend giving this a go and linking all the slides through animation and visual representation.
    • ARTICULATE – Again, I have only recently had the chance to play with this e-learning resource, however I am appreciating the simplicity of it as you build everything in powerpoint and layer on transitions/animations after finalising the content.
    • LEARNPRO – Another e-Learnign builder, however this one I am not to keen on. The formatting is created in word which can make visualising the final product difficult. Lots of trial and error.


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    Nick Ribeiro

    Has anyone used IFTTT in the context of TEL? Can you see a use?

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    Maha Bali

    I love IFTTT – have not used it for TEL, usually think of it as an efficiency or workflow tool. Now that you mention it, I will be thinking of pedagogical uses!

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    Santanu Vasant

    Some great tools mentioned here, have used Prezi and Articulate before and recently used IFTTT (If This Then That), to automate some bookmarking etc, would be interesting to hear about the educational use of IFTTT! I think the most interesting tools at the moment are the web apps like Mentimeter, Socrative etc, for in-class voting, which when compared to the small physical clickers with AAA batteries are worth exploring. They really bring the traditional class environment where the mantra is ‘switch off your mobile phones off’ to ‘switch on your mobile phones on class”. I have seen both the physical and virtual (the latter needs good Wifi of course) to greatly increase the engagement of a class in subjects like Law, Education and Engineering.

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    The use of Web 2.0 tools to engage students in learning is gaining prominence in education. However, the wide range of tools available for use can be daunting to a beginning user. Dr Lim from the NIE Learning Sciences & Technologies group shows how the process of digital curation using Diigo can help student teachers appraise and select appropriate technologies for integration into teaching and learning. The goal of digital curation, in this case, is to increase the student teachers’ knowledge of the pedagogical fit between digital media and the desired learning outcomes. Watch Dr Lim at

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