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    Martin Hawksey

    Focus on actively listening to what other participants are saying, either on their blogs (find them on the course reader), on the forums, on Twitter or on the email discussion list. Irrespective of new communications technology channels, the ability to absorb what others are saying, as a precursor to constructive learning conversations, remains as important as ever

    • Comment on what you observe about individual preferences and other differences.
    • What characteristics do you think the participants in this course have in common?
    • In what ways might they be different or atypical of other groups of learners that might be important or relevant to you?
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    Maha Bali

    Wondering what you suggest as the best way to get an idea of where participants are coming from (contexts, backgrounds) other than checking out their profiles, twitter profiles, etc. There might be an “intro” thread that I missed out on 🙂

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    A key characteristic in terms of listening is participants’ interest in trying and using various communication platforms: I’ve seen people talking about using Minecraft, (I just learned about this today), Mendeley (don’t know what this is), Google+, forums, email, blogs, and twitter. Whether participants are interested in using these for listening rather than connecting or broadcasting purposes isn’t clear; but commitment to multiple communication strategies and platforms is certainly a commonality.

    The massive range of skill levels and interest investments is what makes this group “different or atypical”: I haven’t before been in a course which comprised both career experts in the field, and general interest folk. I’ll be interested to see how this diversity plays out in communication and listning contexts: will the expertise groups self-segregate as the course progresses?

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      guy saward

      Interesting to see you picking up on segregation, as this is something that started to happen on the groups, at least geographically. Hopefully won’t be by expertise level – if nothing else, this is much harder to judge. I wouldn’t know where to put myself.

      As for comms channels, I think I will need to commit less to particular (or multi) channels – but instead commit to a maximum amount of time! As per chat in activity 0.3 or the webinar – I need to make a plan!

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    <div>You raise some interesting points about listening and channels of communication. In the webinar a participant raised a request for location to be added to our user names to identify who is local to him and this may add another stream or group depending upon the people involved. As you suggest C.Collis it may be that there will be some self segregation going on later in the course but my experience from last year as a participant is that it tended to be via what platform was being used rather than by level of expertise. How do you think learners are defining their own level of expertise? I’d be interested to see whether people are actively listening to channels and voices that challenge them or that mirror their level of knowledge? Is there a reason why you’ve chosen this channel to communicate?</div>
    <div>A area for this course has been setup at:</div>
    <div>Octel Tutor</div>
    <div style=”font-family: UICTFontTextStyleBody; font-size: 17px;”></div>

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      guy saward

      Hi Fiery(Red (S Huskinson))

      was interested to check out as it was a new one on me like for C above. From the 1 min video intro Seems like it’s very similar to “old” web 2.0 social booking a la delicious – but could you fill me in a bit more?

      Also, just seen the FB ocTEL group launch 🙁 Definitely need a plan as otherwise my whole day (all my days?) will be spent on a forum > twitter > G+ > FB > forum loop. Way too much interesting stuff.

      p.s. I notice the HTML creeping into your post above and seen this in a couple of others, mine included. Anytake on why that too?

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        Hi Guy

        The HTML is creeping in from copy and paste.

        Like your comments re planning even as a tutor it’s difficult to decide how best to spend time as the course is so organic and the channels so numerous look at:

        Rose Heaney (@romieh) tweeted at 9:31am – 3 May 14:

        Just totting up numbers in various #octel groups – G+ seems to be winning with 87, linkedin next and FB still in single figures. Meaning? (

        Will be interesting to see what user data on channels we have on the end of the course.

        As for, I too am new to this and appreciate your comments re Web 2.0, look at : Why Scoopit Is Becoming An Indispensable Learning Tool via @teachthought

        I am enjoying the opportunity to experiment with something new and try out areas of communication I’ve not tried before.

        I’m also enjoying seeing what others think about all this.

        Octel Tutor

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    Gary Vear

    Having spent a bit of time floating around the forums, looking through the twitter feed and reading some of the blog posts, I think the thing that all participants share is a passion to use technology to enhance learning.

    Whilst some of us are at a more advanced stage and some of us are complete novices, we all want to experiment with technology to see if it will improve our practice and aid our learners.

    I am personally very keen to read feedback from any newcomers to technology in learning. The organisation I work for is a little behind the times with the latest learning techniques and I am scoping the most effective ways of introducing this to the workforce.

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      You are not the only one who works for an organsiation which is a little behind the times (although I might describe of my current organisations as waaaay behind the times). Perhaps we can persuade our organisations about some small and achievable techie improvements to practice after ocTEL?

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    My starting point for lots of things these days is Twitter as I can quickly get a sense of what people’s diverse interests are, then follow up the things I am especially interested in or don’t know much about.  Perhaps it’s a bit shallow, but in crowded places it is a streamlined way of forming some general impressions.  It would be lovely but wholly unrealistic to think that I will have time to read lots of blogs.

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