Active learning – would this activity fly

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    Joseph Gliddon

    I am cheating a bit here, please find a link to an activity I wrote for #octel last year
    However I think it works for this activity 2.4a and gives other students something to critique
    I would be really interested to see what others think of it

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    ed3d (Peter)

    This seems fine to me although the plenary aspect at the end seems a little perfunctory and I think getting it done in 15 min might be a tad ambitious! I’m also one of those weird anti-G+ people so you might have issues getting me to sign-up.

    In the UK things like the impact agenda and STEM outreach by scientists have redefined what counts as “authentic” in this context.

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    Cinzia Gabellini

    Hi Joseph

    Great activity, first engage and study with resources, then try to reduce the topic to the essential. The final product as audio/video interview is a nice variation and very challenging. It does not always have to be text. As you assume, students or at least one within the group, should be familiar with producing and handling digital audio/video. If thats not the case then maybe extra time or support needs to be planned.
    Its good to give the student the freedom to choose the tools and group working way they like.

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    Hi Joseph,

    Some reflections:

    I personally like the use of YouTube at the end of the course but -perhaps some of the learners who are more ‘camera shy’ could present the scripted interview in a different way? Perhaps through a video- Powtoon, Wideo or Go Animate?

    I like that there are full opportunities for a deep and collaborative learning process. Obviously this would be designed for A level students who presumably know one another and work well together already.

    I think I personally might struggle with the collaborative aspect if this were a kind of activity on ocTEL and it makes me wonder how well collaborative work can function on something like a MOOC… something I’d love to learn more about if anyone can help?

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