Active Learning: Minecraft in Business

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    Please look at my blog post on how I have delivered Supply chain management using Minecraft as a vehicle.

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    ed3d (Peter)

    Very interesting — and the first example I’ve seen in the UK of use of Minecraft at tertiary level. Were all the students familiar with the environment at the outset?

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    Hi Peter,

    We had two groups set up, those who had never used mineCraft or knew very little about it and those who had lots of experience. There were no students who had ‘some’ knowledge. It seems like you either play it or you don’t.

    In the first sessions, we had orienteering games using the tutorial world where by the ‘noobs’ were in control of the mouse and keyboard and  the experienced ‘crafters’ guided and advised them on how to simply move and jump to their very first tree-punch and shelter.

    This provided the crafters with the experience of having to ‘teach’ others and really test their powers of observation, recall and language as they were made to metaphorically ‘sit on their hands’ and instruct the noob group. The Noobs quickly learned, however there were one or two issues with some of the girls who were more interested in the boys from another class sitting a couple of tables away (note to self – run sessions in closed classrooms and remove distractions)

    The noob group quickly learned how to move and ‘play’ in the game and it is always exciting to see their first interactions with each other. They quickly learned about ‘griefing’ each others work and we had to stop (freeze students) using the Edu tools, to have conversations about respect and  a code of conduct.

    Once these simple issues were resolved, we could move on to discuss more complex problems.

    I think in future, I would have more teachers in the world to ‘manage the learners at this level as they are not disciplined enough to respect each other early on in the game. I would also create protected areas with boundary blocks that prevent students from getting out and then teleport in specific students in to each area. … that gives me an idea…. Creating learning spaces in each world…. Think cattle ‘pens’ and each student gets teleported by the teacher in to their own pen at the start of the lesson…

    Sorry, back on thread.

    If you have any more questions, do feel free to ask.


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