As part of ocTEL we have created a JiscMail list for the course. This is a email list where you can discuss the course materials and activities. The list is public so any messages you post will be visible to everyone even those not on ocTEL. You can view archived messages from the OCTEL-PUBLIC JiscMail site.

Use of this list is entirely optional and if you would like to subscribe/post messages to this visit the list to subscribe or send an email from the account you would like to subscribe with to listserv@jiscmail.ac.uk with SUBSCRIBE OCTEL-PUBLIC in the message body.

You can control the frequency of emails you receive via the OCTEL-PUBLIC JiscMail site or using one of the Jiscmail Subscriber commands.



1 response to OCTEL-PUBLIC JISCMail List

  1. After a week of “trying to get there” yes something called life keeps moving itself up the priority list 🙂
    My hopes for the octel course and what I think is important for me is “trying out technology” for the sake of the learning experience for my students. I’m generally not afraid to adopt/adapt try and either keep and refine or just dump things in this space.
    Perhaps I give myself permission to be totally unlike the rest of my ordered existence!