Course Discussions

Ultimately we want you to make connections to people and knowledge that you are most happy with so if you get the most benefit from other networks or even physically meeting and discussing the course we’ll not be offended. To help you make those connections ocTEL does provide several channels for discussion among participants which you might find useful.

  • The Forums are used for peer support and work within smaller groups as part of the course activities (requires login to post).
  • The Groups provide spaces for mini clusters.
  • The Activity Stream lets you get a overview of all the course activity
  • The Course Reader aggregates participants’ blog posts related to the course, as well as shared bookmarks and other activity from social networks (requires login to favourite).
  • The JISCMail email list is for general course discussion (especially for participants without their own blogs).

Our volunteer tutors aim to track and support as many of these conversations as possible.

We use the hashtag #octel to track discussions on social media platforms that support hashtags.

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