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June 15, 2014 in Blog post, Reader

I have found the idea of being issued badges for completing different activities a highly motivating factor throughout this MOOC. I think it is something that I could also incorporate into the way I structure some of my online course offerings and I’m going to look into the feasability of doing this for next year. I also like the idea of open badges that you can accumulate and carry around with you – rather like the ECTS credit system.

Here are some links to how this all works:

To collect your badges, carry them around and share them, you will need a Mozilla Backpack:

The badges carry coded information about who issued them and why etc.

Here is a sample of the badges I have earned from the ocTEL 2014 MOOC:

Badge Collection

This shows the coded information each badge contains:

Badge details


To learn more about the badge project:

1 response to The open course you cannot fail…

  1. Dear Maren

    “Lurkers” vs “Silent participants”?

    Here are a few other terms that could be used:

    vicarious learners?
    silent participants?
    Non-public user?
    legitimate peripheral participator?
    virtual participant?
    marginal participant?
    passive observer?
    cognitive apprentices?
    potential member?
    proximate member?
    tacit member?

    See Let’s get more positive about the term ‘lurker’

    Which term best reflects the degree/ style/ of learning? If you read a book, but never talk about it, have you learned any less?

    Best wishes


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