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  • Happy to move to Facebook or Moodle – either would be easier.

    I agree with previous comments. I too checked out the webinar after the live recording and was similarly unimpressed.

    We just need a simple method of communication that is quick and easy.



    Think I might fit the bill too. This is my first MOOC, don’t really know what I’m doing yet so feeling my way. I think my first experience with TEL was probably in CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) labs whilst doing my first degree. Don’t remember anything about computers whilst I was at school – I think they were about the size of a whole room back then!

    My background is in teaching Linguistics and English for Academic Purposes (EAP), but I’ve been in the professional development of teaching staff for about 6 years now (3 at Essex and nearly 3 at Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL). I love working with Moodle and am largely responsible for the site we use to support teaching staff on our PG Cert programmes. I love mastering new skills and learning about anything that can help me in my role (and which are also useful in life).

    Since starting this course I have managed to put my first blog together – it’s not very interesting yet, but I hope to develop it further as I gain ideas from this course (hopefully).

    Well, hope I can join this group; seems like it could be fun.



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    I *think* that there is no specific forum for this in the forums so you can try some of the other aggregation methods, such as using your blog and linking it into the reader within your profile.

    There is also the JISCMailing list most people have found if you don’t want to use your blog, or you could use twitter with the hashtag #octel

    Most other weeks will have a forum in this wordpress site to use I *think* (for comments etc.) but why don’t you try some of the other methods in Week 0 too so you know ou have made the best option going forward.

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    I’m thinking of just using my blog but it will mean missing out on peoples comments…oh well… I’ll just lurk….

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    Yes Stephen I have. If you hover over my blank image you can see the gravatar image. I don’t understand how it hasn’t worked?


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    I have done that but am still having no success s you can see by my blank picture &;-(


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    No unfortunately it hasn’t and I still don’t know how to sort the problem. A bit!

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    Having same problem and can’t seem to fix it? Please help.

    Many thanks


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    Hi Barbara,

    I’ve just put mine on ocTEL Jiscmail list . I think this is ok. Will take a look at yours once it’s up.



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    We can put something very brief on Twitter – but that doesn’t appear to be the appropriate medium for this task. I’m thinking that it should be via the Jisc mailing list?

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