Author: James Little

This is an archive of the 2013 version of ocTEL.

#ocTEL MOOC – Tips & Tricks

A continuously updated technical tips and tricks to getting the most / managing the great flow of information to and from the ocTEL MOOC. [A work in progress] Catchup: Week 0 Webinar Recording Week 1 Webinar Recording Week 2 Webinar Recording Communication It’s great to have your own space to think – …

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ocTEL – An Introduction and Welcome! #edmooc

A welcome to my newly-formed blog, motivated by the first active participation in a MOOC – as opposed to being a lurker. Background and Experience I’ve been professionally involved with technology enhanced learning / elearning / distance learning / [insert your acronym here!] for nearly seven years. After going to completing a …

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