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    As library support I dont have much experience of this area. However in my own learning I recently experienced peer review. This was through the MOOC on Elearning via Coursera. I found it a fun challenge to assess my fellow students work but being an international course I then received a YouTube video in another language. I found it difficult to accurately review it and had to request an alternative students work. However the feedback I received from my fellow students was surprisingly good, fair and in depth.

    I have also recently been involved in a small project to trial Open Badges which has involved devising a quiz. In terms of assessment I found the tools easy to use and think that it will be of benefit to our learners. Liked the trump cards discussed in the webinar as they are a clear way of communicating pros and cons of various tech tools and also prompt learners to consider ones they may be unfamiliar with.


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    Rose Heaney


    I think peer assessment is an interesting area and one worth exploring further – I think we have a discussion area specifically for that this week.  A lot of staff I support are potentially interested but are not sure how to go about it and worry about incentives for students to encourage them to do it etc. On the Coursera mooc you were probably working with very self-motivated learners.

    I was at a conference last week where students talked about sharing their Mahara journals with peers while on placement and giving and receiving feedback. They had all found this useful in addition to more formal feedback from supervisors.


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    Santanu Vasant

    Whilst it may be simplistic to say but a lot more lecturers and even learning technologists and supporters of learning need to experiment as part of their job if possible, as not all technologies and methods will suit everyone and knowing which technology for assessment and feedback you are comfortable with as a teacher will greatly help and relax your students into working with you and being themselves. The approach to assessment is sometimes more important than the actual process of it, so we just need to get started with experimenting with assessment technology and share our experiences.

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