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4 responses to Participant blogs & discussion spaces

  1. It is nice to see a list of Participant Blogs. As the list is quite long and will probably get longer – could the display be in alphabetical order so that we can more easily see if our blog is listed. Thanks so much for the fantastic work in developing this cMOOC.

    • Hi Rachel – It is alphabetical on last name but not everyone has a last name in their record. I’m looking into why this is and to see if it can be fixed.

  2. Martin

    I just realised (while checking my badges!;-) that my blog has not been showing up in the reader because I didn’t follow the instructions and include an #ocTEL hashtag in the title or content.

    I have changed my blog category from “ocTEL” to “#ocTEL” and am hoping this means stuff will be pulled in now, but I would be interested in confirmation of this.