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April 29, 2014 in Blog post, Reader

Week 1, no wait, week 0 of #ocTEL and a chance to reflect on why I’ve signed up this open course. A bit of background first of all, I’m an academic librarian, currently working at Lancaster University. I’ve had a teaching role for a few years now – my teaching nearly always involves using technology, and I teach students about using technology effectively in their own studies.

Some of the experience I have in TEL includes:

  • Creating interactive tutorials for VLEs
  • Creating podcasts and videos
  • Using social media and blogging platforms for student engagement purposes

And I suppose most essentially, my teaching is about how to use technology to find and manage information, and how to develop the skills to effectively understand and assess information resources.

As a student, I completed a postgrad diploma online via distance learning. It was probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. The technology aspect was part of what made it challenging (it felt very self-directed and at times very isolated) but the technology was what made it possible for me to study while working full time. I feel that right now in my career I’m exactly where I wanted to be when I started that course, so it’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience.

One thing I do find hard about many types of TEL is the social and reflective aspect. By my nature I find it hard to get something down on paper that I’m happy to share with other people, without umpteen revisions and rewrites. I’ve currently repeating Point 2 of these Huffington Post Blogging Tips as a mantra (“Let go of the compulsion to write or blog perfectly”) and I’m hoping that as #ocTEL progresses I’ll find it easier to express my thoughts on TEL. I’m sure there will be lots of good blogging by other participants to act as an inspiration.

My big questions for the course relate to stripping away the technology and focusing on the learning – the experience and the outcomes. I suppose what I’m most looking forward to on #ocTEL is interacting with a range of different people (teachers, lecturers, learning technologists) and learning about experiences and ideas to do with learning technology from outside the library “bubble”. I’d consider myself fairly up to date on how HE libraries are using technology to deliver learning experiences, but I have a lot to learn from outside that rather narrow field.

And I suppose small questions relate to more specific examples of TEL: I’m interested in Open Badges for instance, and would like to learn about interesting ways in which they’ve been used in HE.

Right, that’s been useful for me, and I hope it’s served as an explanation to my interest in #ocTEL. Looking forward to making contact with other #ocTEL peeps out there on the web. See you round.

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  1. Dear Maren

    “Lurkers” vs “Silent participants”?

    Here are a few other terms that could be used:

    vicarious learners?
    silent participants?
    Non-public user?
    legitimate peripheral participator?
    virtual participant?
    marginal participant?
    passive observer?
    cognitive apprentices?
    potential member?
    proximate member?
    tacit member?

    See Let’s get more positive about the term ‘lurker’

    Which term best reflects the degree/ style/ of learning? If you read a book, but never talk about it, have you learned any less?

    Best wishes


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