The times they are a changing … or are they?

June 9, 2014 in Blog post, Reader

When I moved into the blossoming field of ‘technology enhanced learning’ or ‘TEL’ in the mid 90’s (let’s say that TEL’s maturity equated to an opinionated teenager borne to aging parents at the time, and I was as enthusiastically arrogant as any) there was a real tension between the business activities of many IT services department and people like myself, a maverick lecturer turned ‘learning technology manager’ who didn’t really care how it happened but simply wanted it to happen. Fortunately I had an understanding boss in the director of our university’s computer centre – thanks Stan – who sometimes tolerated, but more often supported and encouraged me.

Now I find myself managing an IT Services department myself in an organisation with over 25,000 users. The importance of TEL is recognised across the organisation but its value remains a point of debate where it matters most – amongst the teaching staff. Many departments continue to invest in our VLE – Moodle – and great things are happening with Adobe Connect but we still have some lone enthusiasts and marginalised TEL practitioners.

What is your experience as #ocTEL participants? Have things changed for the better? How might we achieve a sustainable change to our working culture?

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  1. Dear Maren

    “Lurkers” vs “Silent participants”?

    Here are a few other terms that could be used:

    vicarious learners?
    silent participants?
    Non-public user?
    legitimate peripheral participator?
    virtual participant?
    marginal participant?
    passive observer?
    cognitive apprentices?
    potential member?
    proximate member?
    tacit member?

    See Let’s get more positive about the term ‘lurker’

    Which term best reflects the degree/ style/ of learning? If you read a book, but never talk about it, have you learned any less?

    Best wishes


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